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A First Ever USA Win in the IMOCA Class!

Ryan Breymaier, HUGO BOSS. Photo credit: Chris Museler.

A tough race but a first-ever win for the USA in the IMOCA class!

As I sit in Barcelona airport waiting for my flight back to Brittany I am looking at my massive ‘To Do’ list. Thanks to all the people for the support and congratulations, calls and letters to catch up with family and friends, a new blog for my website!

I’ll get it done, I promise.

This ‘Transatlantic ‘Sprint’ was the most intense racing I have ever done and I gave 1oo% of my being both physically and mentally – I’m beat! So before doing anything else, I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxation and recuperation at our little house by the sea in Brittany.

In the meantime, check out this awesome video by friend videographer Peter Crosby, which sums up why I sail and why, even when I feel this tired, in a few days all I will be able to think about is going out there again.

Ryan out.

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